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Disinfect Every Surface Without the Hard Scrubbing or Chemicals

Our disinfecting solutions will leave your space free of germs

Disinfectants are sometimes made with harsh chemicals that aren't safe for kids, pets or food. On top of this, they typically have a potent smell and are filled with bleach. Instead of feeling bad about disinfecting your home or office, hire Clean Aza Whistle.

We'll disinfect your indoor surfaces with chemicals that are safe for everyone. Our products kill mold at the source. After one appointment, you can kiss mold goodbye for at least seven months. If your property has a more serious mold issue, we'll come back every seven months to keep your environment safe and healthy.

You deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to your health. Call 337-936-3512 now to learn more about our disinfecting solutions.

We have a thorough process

Disinfecting a large space usually takes a lot of time, but with our method, we can disinfect an entire daycare in a timely manner. Our electrostatic sprayer distributes our kid-safe and bleach-free disinfectant around the entire space. If you own a...


...you can benefit from our disinfecting services. Contact us right now to get a free quote.